A Residential Townhome Community

Oaks of Cornerstone

Town Home Association

                                  Regulations for Residents
This manual is distributed to all residents of The Oaks of Cornerstone. Its purpose is to familiarize new owners, existing residents, and lessees with some of the dos and don't s of our community.
Home Owners Association Fees Cover The Following Items
• Common Area Maintenance
• Pool Maintenance and Repair
• Fountain Maintenance and Repair
• Gate Maintenance and Repair
• Water
• Sewer
• Trash Pickup
• Fencing Except Patio Fences
• Lawn Maintenance
• Tree and Shrub Trimming
• Sidewalk Repairs
• Driveway Repairs
• Curb Repairs
• Parking Areas
• Roof Repairs
• Gutter Repairs (Front of Units Only)
• Gutter Cleaning — 2 Times Per Year
• Exterior Building Surfaces (Fascia boards, door trim, and garage trim)
• Common Area Lighting
• Mulching
• Sewer Pipe Blow Out
• Exterior Insurance
• Liability Insurance
• Exterior Painting
• Miscellaneous repairs as approved by the Board

In the event that the need for maintenance or repair is caused through a willful or negligent act of the owner, owner's family, guests, or invitees, the cost of such maintenance or repairs will be added to and become a part of the assessment to which such lot is subject.

                             What Is Not Included

• Glass surfaces
• Patios
• Patio fences
• Window and door fixtures and hardware
• Any items put in place by prior or current unit owners

                                                 Association Dues

We are a self-managed community. This permits us to have everyday control of what is to be addressed and any emergencies taken care of in a timely manner. The invoices are sent out quarterly and can be paid on a quarterly or monthly basis and are due by the 15th of each month. Late fees will be assessed at that time. 

                                               Gate Directory Name Changes

If you are leasing your unit, it is your responsibility to inform the Manager so that the name in the gate entry system can be changed. (The owner is charged $100 each time a unit is rented). Anyone selling a unit is charged a $150 fee for services that arise out of such a transaction.

New residents should notify the Manager promptly and provide their telephone number so that they can be added to the gate directory.

                                              Front Entrance and Gates

The gates are closed at all times. Please exercise caution when entering or leaving. The Association is not responsible for damage to vehicles due to gate malfunction.   Home Owners or Renters caught pushing, pulling, or Interfering with gates automatic closing or opening will be responsible for the cost of repair of the gate.  Visitor's causing damage to the gate will be the responsibility of the Homeowner or renter.

Your code (not your unit number) will ring your unit, and pressing the number "9" on your telephone will let an invited party in.

Allow only people you know inside the gates.

                                             Trash Pickup
Trash pick up is on Wednesday and Saturday.  Any trash pick up can be be put out Friday Evening for a Saturday pick up and Tuesday Evening for a Wednesday pick up.  Any trash that is put out before the designated time will incur a fine.  Any trash can left out after 7 pm on the day of pickup will incur a fine.   No trash cans should be visible except on pick up days.  If your trash cans are visible on or near your property outside the pick up days a fine will incur.  All violations will incur a fine of $20.00 per occurrence. 

                                          Moving Vans

No moving vans or trucks longer than 30 feet are allowed past the gate. They damage our roads and gate areas. No exceptions.   Any damages incurred to roads, curbs, gate area, etc will be the owners/renter responsibility and liable for any repairs cost.

                                        Lawn Maintenance

Front and back lawn maintenance is on Wednesday. Please make sure your back yard is available to the mowers and pets are put inside or locked inside your gate. Pick up hoses, etc. so the mowers can do their job more efficiently.

April 1st September 30th - once a week

October 1st March 31st - twice a month.


The association has the sewer pipes blown out in order to prevent any backups.

Please remember that no grease, peelings, coffee grounds or fruit pits are to be put down your garbage disposal.   Please do not flush baby wipes or sanitary products down the toilet or drains.

If it can be determined that any resident is responsible for any drainage problems, they are liable for the plumbing bill. Please be reminded that plumbers can easily find out who is responsible by placing a camera down the clean-outs.


All animals are to be kept on leashes. Any pets off a leash will incur a fine per occurrence.

It is the responsibility of the pet owners to clean up after their animals so there is no health hazard to any other resident. There will be a fine of $20 per occurrence for failure to pick up after your pet.   This include not only when you walking your pet around the complex but also in your back or front yard.
If your dog is prone to bark, please do not leave your dog in your yard for any extended time. Continuous barking is unfair to other residents and will Incur a fine.  A $50.00 Fine per occurrence will be enforced for all the above mentioned pet infractions.

                                   Domestic Disturbance

Loud noises of any sort are considered to be a disturbance. Loud noises that can be heard outside of a home between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:00 am are also considered a domestic disturbance. These disturbances will be fined $50 to $200 per occurrence depending on the severity.   This disturbance also includes loud trucks, car motorcycles.  Any
contractors working on the homeowners or renter residents must observe these same domestic disturbance regulations.  Homeowners or Renters are responsible for the fines of their contractors

                                  Speed Limits

Residents are asked to maintain a speed of not more than 10 mph inside the complex out of respect for their Oaks of Cornerstone neighbors.

                                   Streets and Parking

Parking is not allowed anywhere in the complex except for designated parking areas. No street parking is permitted. Homeowners and Lessees will be fined $25 per occurrence for allowing guests or family members to park on the street. Repeat violators are subject to having the vehicle towed.

                                     Pool Area

The pool and surrounding area are unattended. Use the pool at your own risk.
• The pool and furniture are for your convenience. Please do not abuse them.
• An adult resident owner, at least 18 years old must accompany guests.
• Two guests per owner are allowed by the by-laws.   If you have more than two guest per owner you must have approval from the management.
• The pool is open from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM
• No loud noises or loud radios are permitted. The owners around the pool are entitled to quiet enjoyment of their residences.
• No drinking of alcohol is permitted.
• No glass containers are allowed at the pool.
• Pool equipment is not to be used as play toys and is to be left in place. The equipment room is off limits to residents.

• No private parties are permitted that will interfere with other residents unless approved by management.  If approved by management a $250 deposit and a  $50 pool Free along with a notarized liability release form will be required.

*  Owners, Renters, or Guest must pick up all Clothing, towels, toys, food, drinks, trash, etc. before leaving the pool.

* Homeowners or renters will be fine $25.00 per occurrence.

The pool is cleaned twice a week. Chemicals are placed in the pool on Wednesday, so it is generally closed on that day. On Friday the pool is cleaned but is only closed during the time of cleaning.  During the winter the pool is cleaned once a week and chemicals are added as needed.

                                  Exterior Changes

Absolutely no exterior changes can be made to your common area, yard, or the exterior of your unit (including installation of TV satellite dishes, which must be installed on the rear of the units) without prior written approval from the Board. This consent will not be unreasonably withheld. All requests must be submitted to the Board in writing and a drawing of the changes requested must be submitted with your request. There will be a fine of $25 - $500 depending on the severity of the infraction for non-compliance to the above.

No sign may be placed anywhere within the confines of the walls and gates without the consent of the Board.

The  Oaks of Cornerstone neighbors look forward to many more years of peaceful enjoyment of the community.

last update:  July 4, 2013

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